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Jan 22

World Record Fire Truck Parade

Congratulations Atoka, OK!!!

Story taken from KXII News

ATOKA, OK-History was made in one Texoma city Friday where they tried to break a world record for the longest fire truck parade. Victoria Maranan got back from Atoka to tell us if they did it.
Atoka’s annual fire truck parade did break the record with hundreds of fire trucks from across Oklahoma, even Texas, taking part. I spoke with some residents, as well as the Atoka fire chief about what this achievement means to their city.
Atoka Fire Chief, Donnie Allen, said his fire department got the idea to try to break a world record last August.

“You know how firefighters are, they wanted to go for a world record which we found out to be 160, 159 fire trucks in Switzerland and we try to bring it to Oklahoma,” he said.

Friday night, more than 300 fire trucks from all over Oklahoma and even one from Sherman, Texas rolled down Court street in Atoka to make it in the books of the Guinness World Records. The parade had to be delayed for an hour as more and more fire trucks wanted to take part. Allen said firefighters from across the area were excited about the challenge.

“I had a phone call today on my cell phone and he said ‘chief we have 24 fire trucks in the convoy and we’re two hours away and we’re headed your way'” he said.

Atoka resident, Johnnie Knight said it’s the first time she attended the parade and she was impressed by how many trucks showed up.

“There’s just people coming in from everywhere. We just, we live out eight miles east, six miles out we saw fire trucks all the way in so we had a good time coming in seeing it,” she said.

Even before the parade started, Knight was confident that this effort will put Atoka on the map.

“I think we really will. I think we will, I mean there’s a lot of firemen out there waiting.”

Allen said the event not only proved that the city can break a world record, but it brought firefighters everywhere together.

“It’s brought unity. Giving an example, for lunch, we brought 700 firefighters together for a lunch on Saturday night,” he said.

Chief Allen said after tonight’s turn-out, he is hoping to break their own record for next year’s fire truck parade.

The parade’s fire truck count will be submitted to the Guinness World Records in a couple of weeks for approval.

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