Feb 06

Double Murder / Suicide

Police: Missing mom’s husband intentionally set fire to home, killing himself and two sons

This story is all over the national news scene, and the part that I keep thinking about is the firefighters that had to be the first ones in there to remove those kids.  I hope the guys are able to cope with the grief and anger.

Remember that we are a brotherhood and there is always someone to talk to when we deal with scenes like this.

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation         American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

CISM is designed to help people deal with their trauma one incident at a time, by allowing them to talk about the incident when it happens without judgment or criticism. The program is peer-driven and the people giving the treatment may come from all walks of life, but most are first responders or work in the mental health field. All interventions are strictly confidential, the only caveat to this is if the person doing the intervention determines that the person being helped is a danger to themself or to others. The emphasis is always on keeping people safe and returning them quickly to more normal levels of functioning.

Normal is different for everyone, and it is not easy to quantify. Critical incidents raise stress levels dramatically in a short period of time and after treatment a new normal is established, however, it is always higher than the old level. The purpose of the intervention process is to establish or set the new normal stress levels as low as possible.