NIMS Incident Specific ICS Materials

Recently, Oklahoma has hosted a series of classes geared toward Incident Management of larger incidents.   So much good information has been shared through these classes and much material has been disseminated.

Oklahoma is working toward having their own Type 3 incident management team, and if you attend these classes or work with any of the people involved so far you can see the dedication and devotion when they speak.

Much of the documentation here is shared through John E. Roberts of JERConsulting.  When we contacted him for permission to use the materials, he told us, “The written materials that I gave you are as much yours as they are anyone’s.  I am no more responsible for writing or creating them than the thousands of people that I have worked with over the last 25 years.”  That is paraphrased of course, but it is a great way of saying exactly what we believe here at HazmatOklahoma.  Take these materials, use them, adjust and modify them, but then return them to us so that we can share your updated versions.

Agency Administrator’s Guide to Critical Incident Management

On-Site Field Fatality Protocol

Pearls of Wisdom

  • This list was started a number of years ago by a Planning Section Chief named Wayne Smetanka. It has doubled and tripled in size over the years but many of these points are over twenty years old and just as valid today as then. Many of these ideas have found their way into formal training units for different positions. Thanks goes out to all the Northern Rockies Plans Chiefs who contributed the ideas over the years.

Structure Protection Plan (.doc)

Structure Survey Form (.doc)