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Science Officer’s Workbook

This is a guide for Science Officers to use. It is intended to be used as a RULE OF THUMB. There are no absolutes in Hazmat. Written by: Clint Greenwood, Ryan Marlar, Robbie Bay, Matt Tennell, John Carpenter, Mike Mahoney and Scott Lance 1/1/2011

Rule of Thumb Worksheets

Used in conjunction with the above Science Officer’s Workbook. These are all new and updated as of 2011.

Moore / Norman Hazmat Worksheets

These forms are used to keep the ICS system running. Easy to follow and utilize.

2008 Emergency Response Guidebook

pdf copy of 2008 ERG

Cylinder Dimensions

From our friends at AIRGAS, This page will help with cylinder volume by size and a guide to the products they normally carry.

Carrier Identification

This set of images have been set up as a study or testing aid.